Using a high specification ultrasound machine, with the ultrasound transducer applied to the sole surface, Kofler et al.(1999) were able to estimate sole and soft tissue thickness in claws from bovine cadavers. These ultrasound estimates were significantly correlated with measurements, made using mechanical callipers,of the same parameters in claws after sectioning. Moreover, Kofler et al.(1999) demonstrated that it was possible to image the internal structures of the bovine claw in the live animal and also reported the use of a portable ultrasound. They did however state that the images were of lower quality, due to the poorer resolution of the transducer, and were more difficult to obtain. In contrast, van Amstel et al.

LJ, Laven, JK Margerison, and RA Laven

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 70, Palmerston North, 240-242, 2010
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