The NZGA Executive, along with the Invercargill Local Organising Committee, have decided to postpone the combined NZGA, NZSAP, NZAS conference until February the 1st-3rd 2022. This decision is supported by our partners, the Agronomy Society of NZ and the NZ Society of Animal Production.

As always, your health, safety and wellbeing are our priority.

With the current covid restrictions, we would need to limit numbers to be able to physically distance safely during presentations, field trips and networking. In addition to this, members from certain regions may be unable to travel and some large organisations are restricting movement of their staff.

While we appreciate that this postponement will be disruptive with many people having to re-organize travel and accommodation, we believe we will be in a better position in three months’ time to deliver an in-person conference that provides the experience and content that we all value.

We are grateful to the Local Organizing Committee in Invercargill who have worked very hard to ensure that we have a plan ‘B’ in place.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Invercargill in February for our summer conference.

For more details, and to register, please visit the NZGA website