A cross-sectional survey was conducted to describe the management and exercise regimen at stud farms during preparation for the 2008 national yearling sales. A total of 1,166 yearlings were included in the survey, representing 82% of those offered at the Karaka sales in 2008. Ninety-two percent of farms (69/75) used a combination of both pasture turnout and stabling during yearling preparation, with most farms (47/75; 63%) giving yearlings access to pasture for >12 hours per day. Controlled exercise was performed on 80% (60/75) of stud farms, with most (54/60; 90%) farms exercising at walk. Management practices appeared to be relatively homogeneous across the farms surveyed. The provision of free exercise at pasture and controlled exercise were common practices during a sales preparation.

CF, Bolwell, CW Rogers, EC Firth, and NP French

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 70, Palmerston North, 157-161, 2010
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