With the business case for a national animal identification system due in July 2005, it is appropriate to take stock and to see where New Zealand (NZ) and other countries are at with animal and full supply chain traceability. The objective should be to learn and contribute to the outcome. Full supply chain traceability is on the horizon, NZ needs to be proactive and valuable lessons are available particularly from the United Kingdom (UK) and Canadian experiences. The preferred position seems to be one where government plays a leading role without burdening the industry with yet another set of legislative requirements. For this to work effectively, the industry has to commit to traceability, to go beyond ordinary compliance type applications and to use it as a differentiator in the market place. Traceability is not going to go away, and as the requirements will continue to increase around the world, the best option is to embrace it.

GL, Nortje

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 65, Christchurch, 75-79, 2005
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