The vagal innervation of the pancreas and upper gastrointestinal tract has been implicated in the release of insulin in response to hyperglycaemia in several mammalian species. Therefore the role of the vagal innervation of the abomasum and upper small intestine in the release of insulin and its effect on glucose metabolism was studied in lactating ewes because of the importance of glucose for milk synthesis and secretion in ruminants. Vagal fibres innervating the abomasum, pylorus and duodenum were sectioned in 3 lactating ewes (VAG); 3 control lactating ewes underwent sham- operations (SHAM). Seven and 14 days after the surgery, all animals were given an intravenous injection of glucose (100 mg/kg BW) and jugular blood samples collected for glucose and insulin determinations. Plasma glucose concentration (mean

CB, Herath, GW Reynolds, DDS MacKenzie, SR Davis, and PM Harris

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 56, , 110-113, 1996
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