In adult sheep, cadmium (Cd) accumulates in both liver and kidney tissue in an age dependent manner. To quantify the accumulation of Cd in the developing foetus and investigate the relationship with the Cd status of the maternal parent, liver and kidney samples were collected from both Romney and Merino foetuses, approximately fortnightly, from 60 days after conception up to parturition, and from the suckling lamb, weekly over three weeks. Matching liver and kidney samples were also obtained from the dam. Tissue sub-samples were analysed for metallothionein-mRNA by dot blot hybridisation of total RNA extracts to assist in identifying regulatory aspects of Cd accumulation in hepatic foetal tissue and any relationship with Zn. Cadmium concentrations (means

DR, Smith, NB Smith, and PD Muir

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 55, , 124-126, 1995
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