A gene mapping flock for wool traits was established by backcrossing of Merino cross Romney (F1) to both parental breeds. The objectives for this flock were to investigate the segregation of wool and skin characteristics in crosses between the Merino and Romney and to investigate methods for the analysis of genetic markers and quantitative trait loci. Analysis of Merino backcross animals showed no evidence of major genes segregating for any of the wool traits studied. The analysis estimated a finite number of genes affecting fibre diameter and bulk. A genetic marker study of these family groups may provide more powerful analysis for the presence of genes affecting wool traits that may be segregating in these crosses.

T, Wuliji, GM Montgomery, KG Dodds, RN Andrews, AE Beattie, PR Turner, and J Rogers

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 55, , 285-288, 1995
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