As part of a livestock consultancy in eastern Turkey Lincoln International consultants surveyed rural women to define their role in livestock management and their priorities for extension. The results of group interviews of 200 women in 19 villages showed that men are the agricultural decision makers, except in the few villages where men have off-farm employment. Women are responsible for milking of animals. They may assist with lambing and calving, cleaning animal houses and feeding stock. Women were aware of the effects of animal disease and poor nutrition on animal productivity, effects they observed during daily milking. They expressed an interest in receiving information on animal health. Non agricultural problems identified were effective family planning, education for girls, and water supply for those villages without water piped to a central location.

JM, Aspinall, KF Thompson, and ND Hart

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 54, , 185-188, 1994
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