Two hundred and six mixed age Angora x Feral (G4) does with a mean fibre diameter of 20.4 microns were randomly mated to three bucks with mean fibre diameter of 18.8 microns (Group 1) and three bucks with mean fibre diameter of 22.2 microns (Group 2) in June 1987. The progeny were shorn at 10 months (August 1988), 16 months (March 1989) and 22 months (August 1989) of age. The fleeces were measured for fleece weight, mean fibre diameter, yield by weight of down, and colour. Down weight was then calculated. The fibre was visually classed according to Mohair-Cashmere Warehouse fibre lines and an economic value put on the fibre. Group 1 progeny were heavier and had finer fleeces and lower down weights than group 2 progeny at all three shearing date. Group fleeces were 0.6, 0.9 and 1.0 micron finer and 71, 86 and 109 grams lighter than Group 2 at the three shearing dates respectively. Fibre diameter increased during the experiment to a greater extent in Group 2 (3.8

S, Muller, CW Holmes, and AJ Litherland

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 51, , 379-382, 1991
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