A computer software package (REVGAIN) is being developed to integrate closely with Animalplan. It assists breeders and their advisers to derive relative economic values and selection criteria to suit their breeding programme. For farmers buying flock rams REVGAIN derives relative economic values for their individual commercial flock, and hence the sort of breeder from which to buy rams. Using specific production levels, prices, and costs for the producers' or breeders' situation, together with the corresponding Animalplan phenotypic and genetic parameters, the software calculates relative economic values that will lead to maximum economic progress in the breeding goal. It also estimates the change in each character that will occur from a standard amount of index selection. By comparing different economic outcomes from changing product prices, physical inputs or genetic responses, users derive the policy that is most appropriate to their particular situation.

WH, McMillan, and DG McCall

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 51, , 265-270, 1991
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