The FSH:LH bioactivity ratios, determined by radioreceptor assays, of four commercial gonadotrophin preparations were Folligon 5; F.S.H.-P. 18; Folltropin 49 and Ovagen 1090. The mean number of oocytes produced in immature rats after ovulation induction following administration of these gonadotrophin preparations by injection (Folligon, 10 to 50 i.u.) or 48h continuous infusion (others, 30 to 1000 ug/day) was dose-dependent, except at the highest doses when mean oocyte numbers either remained unchanged, or fell significantly in the cases of Folligon and F.S.H.-P. The highest mean number of oocytes produced in response to Folltropin (48+9) and Ovagen (47+7) were significantly higher (P<0.05) than those attained with Folligon (21+6) or F.S.H.-P (31+5). Mean ovarian weights also increased in a dose-dependent fashion in response to each of the gonadotrophin preparations. Co-infusion of NIADDK-ovine LH-25 at 10 to 20 ug/day with Ovagen (250 ug/day) or NIADDK-ovine FSH-17 (10 ug/day) (both low in LH activity) increased mean oocyte production 1.5 to 3-fold. Co-infusion of ovine LH at 40 ug/day significantly reduced mean oocyte numbers.

WW, Thatcher, PJ Hansen, C Plante, L Badinga, J Van Cleeff, G Danet-Desnoyers, JD Savio, MA Mirando, and FW Bazer

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 50, , 109-122, 1990
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