Fifty-eight possums (28 male, 30 female) were captured from the wild. Animals were grouped into ages of 1, 2-4 and 5+ years. Males were always heavier than females of the same age, while carcass weight increased significantly with age up to 5+ years. Age had a more pronounced effect on carcass composition and meat quality than sex. At all ages, and in both sexes, possums produced carcasses which were high in dissected lean (78-80%) and low in fat (0.8-2.6%). Their meat was very high in protein (24-26%) and low in fat (1.4-2.0%). Tenderometer results showed that all age groups produced meat which would be rated as acceptably tender.

CA, Morris, NR Towers, HJ Tempero, NR Cox, and HV Henderson

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 50, , 255-260, 1990
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