Colostrum is an essential post-natal energy source. We have investigated the link between lamb serum immunoglobulin concentration and colostrum intake as a means of estimating lamb energy intake. Thirty previously unsuckled Coopworth and Corriedale lambs were bottle fed fresh colostrum at 60, 135, 210 or 285 ml/kg birth weight 24 hr in equal feeds at 2 or 4 hour intervals from birth to 30 hours after birth. IgG in serum was measured before first feeding and then at 8 hour intervals to 32 hours after first feeding by ZnSO4 turbidity. Prior to feeding mean serum IgG concentration of the lambs was 0.41

DP, Poppi, AR Sykes, and RA Dynes

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 50, , 237-244, 1990
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