Lines of 40 ram lambs of a variety of breeds from 22 farms in Canterbury, and initially weighing between 32 and 40 kg live weight, were assembled on a farm and compared for growth rate and lean carcass gain during 12 weeks. High quality legume dominant pastures were used and changes in carcass measurements obtained from samples of lambs slaughtered at the start and end of the trial. Average growth rates and rates of lean carcass gain among lines ranged from 143 to 252 g/d and 27 to 53 g/d respectively. Lines of specialist meat and short-wool breeds (Suffolk-cross, Perendale and Dorset) had higher average gains than long-wool breeds (Corriedale, Coopworth and Romney). The long-wool breeds showed greater variation in fat measurement GR (S.D.

SC, Hathaway, and AI McKenzie

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 47, , 81-83, 1987
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