The basis and protocol of a national industry-based scheme aimed at controlling the spread of brucellosis in rams is described. It was designed by representatives of the Sheep and Beef Cattle Society of the New Zealand Veterinary Association, the Animal Health Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and sheep breed societies. As a national scheme it involves co-operation between veterinarians, sheep breed societies and farmers as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Before official adoption of the scheme a considerable number of ram flocks had already been freed from brucellosis by field veterinarians using the highly sensitive and specific complement fixation test (CFT) for diagnosing carrier animals. With the establishment of the scheme results to date indicate that the majority of ram breeding flocks are now brucellosis free with a low overall prevalence of the disease.

KE, Milligan

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 47, , 35-37, 1987
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