Milk responses to selenium supplementation were measured in 12 dairy herds of low selenium status as indicated by blood selenium concentrations of less than 150 nmol/l (<12 ug/l). In 4 of the herds milk responses were measured for 2 successive seasons. Milk volume responses to selenium varied from -2.6% to +10.4% (mean +4.6%) and milk fat responses from -4.0% to +10.2% (mean +3.7%). Significant (P<0.05) milk volume responses occurred on 2 farms in the first season and milk fat responses on 2 farms in the second season. A negative relationship (P<0.01) was found between milk fat response (%) to selenium (FatSe) and blood selenium concentration (nmol/l) (BSe) for herds in their first season of supplementation of:- FatSe) = 9.6 - 0.059 BSe. There was no relation between these parameters in the second season of supplementation.

GW, Sheath, RW Webby, and RC Boom

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 47, , 45-48, 1987
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