Teaser stags and progesterone-PMS treatments were used to advance the breeding season in non-lactating adult red deer hinds. In Experiment 1, 2 vasectomised stags were run with 39 hinds for 15 d prior to joining with entire stags. More teased hinds (20/39) calved early (11-20 November ) than group of non-teased hinds (5/42). In other experiments, laparoscopy revealed that progesterone + PMS treated hinds ovulated in mid February. Although calves were born as early as 10 October, indicating stags could successfully fertilise a hind in mid February, such treatment did not result in many hinds calving in October. It seems that the stag is sub-fertile in February. Calving dates of contiguous control hinds show that a large proportion were mated 18 to 25 d after the induced oestrus in treated hinds indicating red deer stags can have an effect similar to the 'ram effect'. Some hinds calving to the induced oestrus produced twins.

WH, McMillan, TW Knight, and KL Macmillan

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 46, , 161-164, 1986
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