Increased payment to farmers for leaner lamb carcasses places greater emphasis on specifying target carcass weights and grades on individual farms. In the past there has been little objective information available to help the farmer set these targets and make livestock buying and selling decisions. At the Tomoana freezing works in Hawkes Bay new computer outputs have been introduced to provide the farmer with better information for farm management decision-making. A more detailed lamb grading analysis presenting the number of carcasses within each grade at each carcass weight, and a new output named a "fat trend report" are provided. The fat trend report estimates the relationship between the GR fat depth and carcass weight for each mob of lambs slaughtered. Combined with an iso-dollar overlay, the fat trend report assists in establishing production targets in future mobs for each sheep breed and sex farmed. It is suggested that financial incentives for leaner lamb carcasses should be further increased, to bring carcasses closer to the New Zealand Meat Producers Board's ideal.

JFT, Griffin, and GH Davis

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 45, , 59-62, 1985
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