Kallikrein-like enzyme (KE) activity has been detected in bovine saliva from the front of the mouth and from the cannulated mandibular gland. The maximal activity (39 mUnits ml-1) was present in secretions from the mandibular gland of cows stimulated with carbachol (parasympathomimetic). A lower activity (24 mUnits m-1) was obtained under isoprenaline (sympathomimetic) combined with carbachol stimulation. No detectable KE activity was present in parotid gland secretions. When tested for vasodilator activity in sheep, all samples tested were positive, but the greatest response was mandibular secretions collected under carbachol stimulation. Using purified salivary proteins, it was demonstrated that the KE activity was associated with bands 7 and 8, major proteins secreted by the mandibular gland.

GF, Wilson, DDS MacKenzie, and CW Holmes

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 45, , 17-20, 1985
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