Daytime grazing activity of 16 high (BI = 123) and 16 low breeding index (BI = 105) cows was observed during 3, 7-day periods in early, mid and late lactation. There were no differences in grazing, lying or standing times between high and low BI cows during early or mid lactation. High BI cows grazed longer during late lactation. There were no differences in daytime drinking frequency. Individual cow milking times were recorded during 5, 2-day (4 milkings) periods at bimonthly intervals. High BI cows consistently outproduced low BI cows throughout lactation by 3 kg of milk/d. High BI cows had shorter milking times in early lactation but these differences diminished as lactation progressed. No relationships between milking entrance order or milking temperament and breeding index were found.

WM, Aitken, and HH Meyer

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 42, , 59-60, 1982
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