The burgeoning knowledge associated with the gene maps of humans and mice can provide key information for the identification of genes underlying production traits in livestock. In tbeo~~, it should be possible to tramlate information associated with a human chromosomal location to a chromosome location in sheep, cat& or deer. However, in practice, livestock gene maps often require more comparative links to make accurate &anslation possible. We have taken a novel approach to livestock comparative mapping by using an interspecies hybrid mapping panel to map both gene loci and sheep and cattle microsatellites. The panel comprises DNA from 346 l/4 Pere David’s deer (Ekxphurus dnvidinnuj 3/4 red deer (Cervus elaphur) backcross progeny of male FI P&e David’s deer x red deer hybrids. We are using this deer mapping resource to relate the sheep, cattle and human gene maps and by mapping key markers from each.

ML, Tate, HC Mathias, KM McEwan, and RN Anderson

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 57, , 301-302, 1997
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