The Landcorp Farming Lecture (formerly the Livestock Improvement Corporation Lecture from 1996 to 2003) is a scholarly address made at the Society's Annual Conference. Each year, a distinguished animal scientist is invited to the Annual Conference to make the address. The intention is that this prestigious lecture will contribute to maintaining the objectives of the Society and enhance the scientific and technical merit of the Conference.


Landcorp Farming Lectures

The Landcorp Lecture has been discontinued as of December 2016.

2014 P.H. Janssen - Rumen microbial community profiling as a tool to study ruminant production

2013 I.J. Clarke - Milking reproduction

2012 K.L. Macmillan and J.R. Roche - "Grass to milk" and beyond

2011 S.F. Ledgard - Life cycle assessment - a tool for evaluating resource and environmental efficiency of agricultural products and systems from pasture to plate

2010 D.J. Garrick - Milestones in genetic prediction for applied livestock improvement

2009 G.B. Martin - "Clean, green and ethical" animal reproduction: extension to sheep and dairy systems in New Zealand

2008 P.R. Kenyon - A review of in-utero environmental effects on sheep production

2007 B.J. Hayes - Genomic selction for accelerated genetic gain in livestock

2006 J.A. Van Wyk - Face facts: drenching with anthelmintics for worm control selects for drug resistance - and no excuses!

2005 L.H. Baumgard - Regulating milk fat synthesis: potential on-farm applications of basic science

2004 J.C. MacRae - Nutritional opportunities for longer-term, sustainable, ruminant production

Livestock Improvement Corporation Lectures

2003 B.S. Thorrold - The development of environmental best practices for intensive dairying

2002 J.P. McInerney - Animal welfare: Ethics, economics and productivity

2001 M.C. Lucy - Reproductive physiology and management of high-yielding dairy cattle

2000 A.J.F. Webster - Sustaining fitness and welfare in the dairy cow

1999 W.J. Parker - Farm performance measurement - Linking monitoring to business strategy

1998 A.E. McClintock - Possible impact of new technologies on dairy cattle breeding

1997 M.J. Ulyatt - Can protein utilisation from pasture be improved?

1996 M. Georges - Perspectives for marker assisted selection in dairy cattle breeding