75th Jubilee Technician Award                                                     



The purpose of the Award is to recognise an outstanding contribution by an individual technician to the facilitation of quality research in New Zealand animal production and/or the Society.

Name and Form

  • The Award will be called the 75th Jubilee Technician Award in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production in 2015
  • The form of the Award will be a certificate and a cheque for $500.00.
  • The award should include (1) $500 prize payment (to be reviewed every 5 years); (2) certificate; (3) waived (or reimbursed) conference registration fees including annual dinner.
  • These expenses will be met from the general funds of the Society, and not from the Conference budget.
  • The Management Committee may exercise its discretion in determining the final value, details and terms of the award on a case-by-case basis, consistent with the objects of the Society and this Award.
  • The names of all persons receiving the 75th Jubilee Technician Award will be listed by the Editor in each Proceedings.
  • The names of all persons receiving the 75th Jubilee Technician Award will be listed by the website manager on the Society website
  • The citation supporting the nomination will be published in the following year’s proceedings


  • The Secretary will call for nominations for the Award at the same time as the call for abstracts of papers for presentation at the Society's next Annual Conference. Closing date for nominations will be 31 January, with extensions at discretion of Management Committee.
  • Each nomination must be signed by two current financial members of the Society and must contain documented evidence of the way or ways in which the nominee has fulfilled the objectives of the Award.
  • A potential recipient need not be a current member of the Society.
  • To be eligible for consideration the position description or job title of the nominee must reflect a technical position.
  • Each nomination should identify how the nominee's efforts have made an outstanding contribution to New Zealand Animal Production and/or the Society.
  • The Management Committee, or a sub‑committee of it, will judge (by a majority vote) a nominee's suitability as a recipient of the Award.
  • The Management Committee will only make an award when, in their opinion, a nominee is a worthy recipient, based on the information present in the nomination.
  • New nominations for unsuccessful previous nominees must be for endeavours leading to a new contribution clearly different from that of previous nomination(s).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  • The Award will be presented at the Annual Conference by the President of the Society or their nominee.
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible for having the cheque for the Award in the hands of the President at the Conference

Award funds

  • The award will be drawn from the Awards Fund established from the interest accruing from the Society's investments.