From the preliminary results in Table 2 a number of tentative conclusions can be drawn. It can be seen that a Levamisole drench is an effective option on many of the properties. A Combination (BZ & Lev) drench is effective on many properties also probably as a result of the Levamisole active efficacy. There is a high percentage of Ivermectin (Full dose) failure across the properties – one possible reason for this could be the high volume of Ivermectin used within the merino and mid micron sectors over recent years. It has been speculated that this high level of Ivermectin (full dose) usage was a result of early BZ drench failure (undiagnosed) in the mid micron and merino sectors.

J, Bates, G Mirams, J Hickford, and S Hill

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 66, Napier, 20-23, 2006
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