Nine Jersey and nine Friesian cows in late lactation and housed indoors were fed diets containing either 20, 50 or 80% white clover with the balance perennial ryegrass. During the first 10 days cows were fed ad libitumand during the second 10 days feeding was restricted to 75% of metabolisable energy requirement. Milk yields of cows fed 50% and 80% clover diets ad libitumwere not significantly different but were 18% greater (P<0.05) than for cows fed 20% clover. During restricted feeding, when intakes were not significantly different, milk yields of cows fed 50 and 80% clover were again not significantly different but were 10% higher (P<0.10) than for cows on 20% clover. Clover content had no effect on milk composition. The experiment indicated increased yields weredue mainly to increased intakes associated with high clover diets, and also the higher nutritive value of the clover. Results showed the optimum clover content for milk production was 55-65%.

S, Harris, D Clark, and E Jansen

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 57, , 169-171, 1997
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