Pastures growing on soils fertilised with phosphatic fertilisers accumulate cadmium (Cd) in their plant tops in proportion to substrate concentrations. Sheep grazing pastures absorb some of this Cd. To quantify the rate with which Cd is accumulated in sheep tissue, three replicated 0.4 ha blocks were fertilised with either 333 kg/ha of single superphosphate only (control) or amended with CdSO4 to give 274g Cd/ha (high-Cd), and set stocked with 10, three months old Romney wether lambs. Cadmium (Cd) concentrations were determined in liver, kidney, proximal duodenal and skeletal muscle tissue of sheep, ingesting either (means

CG, Prosser, and RD McLaren

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 53, , 433-436, 1993
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