An efficient farm AI system for sheep requires ready identification of, and access to, oestrus ewes. It is well known that ewes in oestrus seek out and remain near rams. The present experiment evaluated a variety of systems for trapping oestrus ewes attracted to two decoy rams. These systems included traps with one or two entrances, and traps sited 1.5 or 6 m from the rams. In each trial, 13 to 16 ewes in a flock of 45 mixed age and mixed breed sheep were artificially induced into oestrus and the proportions of oestrus ewes entering the trap was recorded. In addition, the trapping rate in a flock of naturally cycling 1

R, Paterson, and H Paterson

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 51, , 283-286, 1991
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