Karyotype analysis, used for screening chromosomal anomalies in humans and livestock, is being evaluated as a means of identifying sheep carrying the Booroola fecundity gene. This has involved comparing the chromosomes of metaphase spreads from animals heterozygous for the Booroola gene (FecB+) to screen for numerical or physical abnormalities between the chromosome pairs using Giemsa (GTG) banding. A number of anomalies have been observed from 18 of 3 FecB+ rams and 4 FecB+ ewes. The anomalies were spread throughout most chromosomes, but none were present in all karyotypes. No alteration in chromosome number was observed. These preliminary results suggest that the Booroola mutation is not the result of a major chromosomal alteration.

JA, Sise, GW Montgomery, and DF Hill

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 51, , 47-54, 1991
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