A variety of grants and awards are administered by NZSAP. Calls for applications for these awards occur regularly in the Society Newsletter, currently deadlines for applications are 31st January and 31st July (Animal Science and Genomics awards).

Grants and awards include Travel Awards, Young Member Award, McMeekan Memorial Award, Sir Arthur Ward Award, Jubilee University Awards (Massey & Lincoln), Living Legend Award and Life Membership of NZSAP. Details on each of these awards can be found in the drop-down menu in the header.


Note: Travel Award Deadlines are:

  • 31st January for travel after 1st April
  • 31st July for travel after 1st October
  • RRS Award (every four years): 31st October prior to the conference being held


Awards that have previously been awarded by the society but have been discontinued are listed below, including a description of the award and previous recipients:-