The Booroola F gene gives sheep breeders a unique method of rapidly increasing the prolificacy of their flocks. Research data indicate that on average, every ewe carrying the F gene will produce about 1 extra lamb at each lambing. Breed type need not be changed from those currently favoured as the F gene can be transmitted to any breed, firstly by a series of controlled backcrosses and then by identifying carrier sheep of the desired breed type. Management systems to cope with large increases in lamb drop need to be developed along with breeding programmes to predict more accurately the genotype of individual sheep. These management systems and breeding programmes must also incorporate a strong emphasis on the ability to rear triplet born lambs to a marketable size.

KM, Henderson, P Franchimont, MJ Lecomte-Yerna, CH Charlet-Renard, N Hudson, K Ball, and KP McNatty

Proceedings of the New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Volume 44, , 29-32, 1984
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